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frequently asked questions

  • How often should I visit?
    After your health history, consultation and examination, Dr. Kristina will create a customized treatment plan to help you achieve your health goals.
  • Does it hurt to get adjusted?
    It shouldn't. Each person and situation is different. People occasionally will feel sore after an adjustment similar to being sore after a workout.
  • Is is safe to get adjusted while pregnant?
    Yes, many women find chiropractic care beneficial during pregnancy as the body is changing, adapting to carrying the weight of the baby and preparing to give birth.
  • Do you accept walk-in chiropractic appointments?
    Yes, however since walk-ins will be seen after scheduled appointments, we recommend scheduling an appointment especially if it is your first appointment or giving us a call prior to arriving. After your initial appointment, most appointments are about 20 minutes and easier to squeeze in.
  • How do I know if chiropractic is right for me?
    To find out if chiropractic can help you, contact us and schedule a chiropractic consultation to further discuss your healthcare concerns.
  • Do you take insurance?
    Yes, we are in-network with Blue Cross Blue Shield, United Healthcare, Medica, Aetna, Cigna and Medicare are working to become in-network with others. Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions.
  • How long does an appointment take?
    The first appointment is generally the longest as it involves the health history, consultation and chiropractic exam. Regular adjustment appointments are usually between 15-20 minutes.
  • Will I feel relief after the first adjustment?
    This varies person to person and depends on the individual and the injury.
  • Can children see a chiropractor?
    Yes, children can benefit for chiropractic care as many experience trauma from birth, falling down on the playground and growing. Regular chiropractic care can help your child stay healthy as they grow.
  • How long am I in the sauna for?
    Sauna sessions are 30 minutes long. It is recommended that you start with a 15-20 minute session at first or starting at a lower temperature to ease yourself into it and see how your body reacts. We allow up to two (one hour total) back to back sessions.
  • How hot does the sauna get during a session?
    The infrared sauna temperature can vary but typically is between 125-150 degrees. If you wish to have the infrared sauna at or start at a lower temperature for your session, please let us know in advance.
  • Can I bring my cell phone into the sauna?
    We recommend that you do not bring your phone into the sauna as it can heat up quite a bit and could cause it to overheat or cause damage.
  • What do I wear in the sauna?
    We recommend little clothing when sweating in the sauna such as shorts and a tank top or a swimsuit. Afterwards, it is recommended that you wear loose, breathable clothing as you will still be warm and may sweat for a little while after your session.
  • How much does an infrared sauna session cost?
    Infrared sauna sessions are $30 for 30 minutes for up to two people. Discounted rates are available if buying multiple sessions in advanced which can be used for up to one year. We also have monthly memberships available where you can sweat up to one hour per day.
  • What you should do before your session?
    Before your infrared sauna session, you should hydrate throughout the day. We recommend bringing a water bottle with you to your session and into the sauna. There is water available in the room for your as well.
  • Are walk-in sauna appointments available?
    Yes, however since the sauna takes about 45 minutes to heat up to temperature, we recommend calling ahead to make sure it isn't book and we have time to heat it up prior to you arriving.
  • What do you do during your session?
    The sauna is equipped with bluetooth speakers so you have the option to listen to your favorite podcast, music or audiobook. You can read as well as there are overhead lights that you can turn on. You can lie down or sit on the bench or practice yoga. If you would like the benches removed for yoga, please let us know prior to your session so we can remove one or both of those.
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